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The first paragraph started with a note of thanks to those who had participated in the petition, “We the People”. It is now that they understand how the players themselves are eager to legalize the online poker.

The second paragraph gives a proper explanatory as to what does the administration feels about this legal step. Definitely many of the Americans are involved in various forms of entertainment: online gambling and that this violates the federal law. But the ultimate decision is now being laid on the state whether the legalization is needed or not.

It was the third one that pointed out the specific areas of concern, like the fraudulency, money laundering and prevention of minor playing. Thus they seem to be open to welcome any kind of solutions in order to regulate and protect the illegal activities taking place via online gambling.

On the whole, there was no clarity being offered in the regions of consumer protection, providing jobs and raising a huge avenue with online poker and casinos such as https://www.onlinecasinodeutschland.com.de


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